Females Representing Every Side of Hip Hop Theatre Company is much more than just a theater company, its created to be an act of advocacy, to ignite movement, a healing space for audience and artist alike. It’s a call to action and an act of call and response. I consider myself an emcee. I don’t know if I would flourish as a rapper but I know I can rock the mic. The African tradition of call and response is the root of the modern day MC. FRESHH has evolved as a theatre company through call and response.







For several years the work was done to create bridges for artists and institution to be connected in hopes to produce more work by women of color. In the midst of doing this work, I noticed there was still a void. The political voices of black women were still being silenced. The voice that confronts white supremacy was still absent in the presentation of work. The truth of art that tells of sexism and racism was rare. I would hear the conversation of comfort and politically correctness. The idea that my oppression as a Black woman in this world was an uncomfortable reality for someone else shocked me. It upset me. But it moved me more than anything else.


There are complexities to the experience of Black women and girls. There is pain yes, and there is magic. There is a history of oppression, yes, and there is a history of glory and triumph. If I am given ase' or the word or opportunity, my commitment is to share all of it, in all its dimensions, not just the pretty convenient comfortable one. So that was the moment, I heard the call for FRESHH Inc to serve the Mamas, the aunties, the Nanas the Iyas and the girls, the little sisters the neiceys and more. We are unapologetic in our dedication to presenting the wholisitic black woman and girl and this years season is a testament to that. 

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