For the 3rd year in a row, FRESHH Inc Theatre Company is imaging a future of freedom, equality, and love for Black womxn and want you to join us. Inspired by the works of Octavia E. Butler,  6 Black Womxn playwrights submit to have their 10-minute plays developed and produced in the The Next of Kin Black Womxn's One Act Festival. This festival features one act plays centered on and about Black womxn and girls in the year 2040. The call for directors and playwrights is open now until 11:59pm April 30th.

We have focused on this theme to promote the belief that Black womxn have the tools and capacity to survive even the most turbulent of times, that we indeed make it to the "future". That despite systemic attempts to break and oppress Black womxn, we have the innate ability to not only survive but thrive, using our creative genius. For this festival we are asking playwrights to submit their desired play synopsis for the festival. This year's theme is based on what life is like in 2040 for Black Womxn and girls through the lens and narrative of Black womxn. All work that is selected will have access to dramaturgical support and resources to develop their plays. The Next to Kin Festival will take place on September 5th at THE REACH at the John F Kennedy Center.

*This opportunity is open and available to all Black womxn (ages 17+) inclusive of diverse sexual orientations, ethnicities, nationalities, sexual identities, ages, physical/mental abilities, and at various iterations of their careers.