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Join the

Griot Girls 

Saturday, September 22nd 2018 


1231 Good Hope RD SE

Washington DC 20020


The auditions for the FRESHH Inc Theatre Company Griot Girls is finally here. Girls that are interested in auditioning should follow these easy 5 steps. 


1. Fill Out the online application above:

2. Schedule an audition time via email

3. Select an original work (dance/step, poem, song, rap, or monologue and work on memorizing it). If you don't know have something already written, then respond to this "prompt" to write your piece..."As a Black girl in this world my truth is..."

4. You should also memorize one of the five "signature pieces" and be prepared to perform them.

  1. Ladies First by Queen Latifah

  2. Ego Tripping by Nikki Giovanni

  3. Home by Stephanie Mills from the Wiz

  4. For Colored Girls- Your choice of poem Ntozkae Shange


5. Show up early for your audition to ensure that you are not late. Be there 10 minutes beforehand so you can get comfortable and warm up. 


To RSVP contact Goldie Patrick